Moon would not be where he is without the love, support and the special set of skills of those on his team helping him grow his dreams. Please meet the team below and check them out on their socials!

OldKelvo - Kelvin

Social Media Manager 

Kelvin is a self driven writer from Mississippi. He enjoys film and television more then anyone should, so much so that he writes about them daily. Kelvin also enjoys camping with goals to try desert camping in the near future, and a mountain view. A simple man at the core.

100% handmade soap bar


Moonvie Projectionist

Forged in the flames of sparkly chaos and warm hugs, we find our weary traveler The Superghoul on a quest to be the very best like no one ever was. To catch them is my—wait a minute… ⏪ ▶️ —The Superghoul on a quest to have fun. With a lineup of entertainment and activities in her arsenal, Ghoul looks forward to helping you feel right at home in the Moonrock Observatory. Brendan Fraser, if you see this, the answer is yes.


Stream Programmer / Twitch Moderator

def WhoIsChicagoDawgg(): #Who is ChicagoDawgg?
 #Some things he likes include:
 likes = {"Games", "Sports", "WorkingOut", "Cooking"}
if(isWorking == True): #If ChicagoDawgg is working
codeThings() #He's either coding for stream or working his job
else: #If ChicagoDawgg is not working if(isWeekday == True): #If it is a week day watchStream() #He will be watching the stream goToGym() #He likes to go to the gym 5-6 days a week doAdultThings() #He loves spending time with his GF and friends

else: #If it is a weekend watchSports() #He will watch sports eatFunMeals() #ChicagoDawgg likes to try new foods haveFunAndRelax() #ChicagoDawgg just likes a good time return fun

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Twitch Moderator

I am a loving mother to a beautiful little girl, family is everything to me. I work as a dispatcher for a ambulance company. When I'm not working I am spending time with my daughter teaching her the ways of the world I like playing video games such as COD and DBD. I have adhd so I’m pretty much all over the place all the time but all in all I love to be relaxed and not do shit at all.


Twitch Moderator

Name is Qu, short for Qu_TV, short for Qu_Television aka First. The coolest nerd you’ll never meet because he is busy that day and his calendar is bricked up and booked up. If you insist… then you can catch him trolling, I mean modding in Moansucc’s chat at random times so be sure to pay attention. Video games, comics and tech is the name of his game. All the way from the Bay in the Golden State he defends Moon’s virginity every chance he gets via chat, vigilantly lurking and working from home as a tech guy doing tech guy shit.

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Twitch Moderator

I like to play video games and hang with friends. I also enjoy camping during the summer and hanging out with family. Im just a simple kind of man. I spend most of my days on twitch cuz people suck irl


Twitch Moderator

Hello loves, my name is Eliza but most of you know me as StuffybunnyGamez or bunbun. There's not much about me but here we go, I am a super friendly gal with a heart of gold. I like to spend my nights after work gaming, hanging out with friends online or just drawing. I am a multimedia artist and do a lot of emotes and such on twitch for friends or clients. You usually can find me fairly easily if you look in moony's chat. I tend to tease and savagely roast my friends, after you can find me in the theater screaming like a baby when something scary is provided by ghoul. I always have time for my friends and if you ever need someone to talk to you can always come to me. Some of the games I play are slime ranchers, dead by daylight, and mobile call of Duty. I want to just say that somebunny loves you very much and i hope you'll visit me and my friends soon!

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Twitch Moderator

Hey! What's up, I'm Maykko! I'm a rare European and a plant dad. I play video games, cook dope food, paint miniatures, consume way too much coffee and nap too much. I don't know how to talk about myself so.. yeah. See you in Moonrock's chat! #Moonrock4Affiliate