Valentine's Day Baking & Merch Boxes

Valentine's Day Baking & Merch Boxes

Bake, Pack, Ship, Repeat
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The day I've been waiting for. Three things I love, combined into one: holidays, baking, and gift giving. While Moon has a way of getting me off track and these cookie boxes had some last minute modifications, I got to make the brownie recipe I've been wanting to try out.

As a definite on the menu, we had our Little Debbie copycats AKA Little Seyge's. In the aftermath of everything I'm realizing it would have been really cute to make the inside filling a pink/red color but you live and you learn.

Sometimes when I bake the same recipe I wonder if they'll be as delicious the second time around but yeah. These are amazing. I'm glad they're a little more difficult to make because otherwise I'd have a fresh supply on hand 24/7 and no amount of working out would be able to combat that addiction.

Little Debbie Valentine Copycat Cake

Second on the recipe list was a special request from Nikki for Russian Tea Cakes AKA Mexican Wedding Cookies. For the longest time I had no idea these were essentially the same cookie going by different names. These are probably one of my favorite cookies. They're easy to make and literally the best to eat while drinking tea. The cookie itself is on the dry side with a crumbly texture but melts in your mouth.

Russian Tea Cake - Mexican Wedding Cookie

Unsurprisingly, our cinnamon roll cookies made the cut as well although I believe these only went out in some of the larger boxes due to their size. I have a love/hate relationship with these cookies. They are so good but a bit messy and weirdly time consuming to make. Plus we have a habit of keeping a lot of things in our freezer and making space for them is always a bit of a hassle.

Lastly, in a box of their own were our black cocoa miso brownies. Despite my love for the Little Seyge's, I think these brownies were the highlight of my day. I love the look of black cocoa, it's very striking but they were also so soft and baked perfectly in their individual tins. It was my first time baking something in a disposable tin but I honestly might do it more often because it was so easy and adorable.

I actually loved them so much I made some to take to class to share with my classmates for Valentine's. It was sort of as a gift for them but also a gift for me just to have the chance to eat it again. This time I drizzled them with some melted ruby chocolate and added some holiday sprinkles.

black cocoa miso brownies with a ruby chocolate drizzle

I am sad to report that in all of the kitchen chaos I failed in the picture taking aspect but we did get some good photos of the merch boxes pre-baked goods. Now, looking at these pictures I'm realizing I didn't save any candy hearts for myself and my day is ruined.

Heart Shaped Merch Box

Big Valentine Merch Box

 I hope everyone who managed to snag a box loves them. Don't forget! Today only (2/14) upload a video to the website and get a mini box for free!
All the love,