Moon showing his butthole

Meow Wolf - Santa Fe

The adventure through Meow Wolf Santa Fe!
I created a monster by taking Moon to Meow Wolf Denver... so now I bring to you, Meow Wolf Santa Fe. The birth place of Meow Wolf, we could tell from the outside that it was definitely smaller than the Denver location but after being inside I can't say it's any less entertaining. There are so many rooms you can't even tell how big or small it might be, you just kept stumbling on.
If there's one thing about Moon it's that he'll always stop for a picture. When I say stop for a picture, I mean derail the whole party for his photo opportunity.

Moonrock Meow Wolf Santa Fe ForestMoonrock Meow Wolf Santa Fe Bone Structure

Moonrock Meow Wolf Santa Fe Floor Picture

One thing I can say in comparison between Santa Fe and Denver is that Santa Fe definitely had some spookier vibes. It was still very whimsical but some of the art got pretty close to haunting my dreams.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Creepy ArtMeow Wolf Santa Fe Creepy Art 2

I think I fell in love with this black and white doodle art room though.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Black and White Doodle Room

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Gengar DoodleMeow Wolf Santa Fe Doodles Close Up

Inspired by Moon, I couldn't resist a picture of myself in a blue mirrored room, but I also couldn't trust Moon to handle the camera so it had to be a selfie.

Seyge Selfie Meow Wolf Santa Fe

One of the primary concepts of the Santa Fe location is based around a mysterious house. I'm still going to keep tight lipped because I want everyone to have an amazing experience when they get the chance to go.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Tower

Each Meow Wolf location has a different story to tell and I'm sure it won't be too long until we find ourselves in Vegas to see the last one. Although rumor has it that Meow Wolf is looking to expand to Orlando, Florida. I can't wait to see what other realms we haven't explored and to see what they come up with whenever new locations do pop up.
All the love,