Moonrock through a window at Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf - Denver

Pictures and thoughts on our Meow Wolf Denver visit!
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When Moon mentioned going to Denver, Colorado I knew we would need to go to Meow Wolf. It was just the kind of thing I knew he would love and I'd been wanting to go to the Las Vegas location for ages so it was definitely a little for me too.
While he definitely streamed some of it, it probably wasn't the best quality but now that we have a website, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to share some of this with you all!
Coming into the Denver location, we came into an open area that had so many doors and contrasting colors! There was a Salawn, a convenience store with the coolest clerk. There was so much interactive art, it was hard to choose the next door to go through because who knew when you would find your way back to the main area.

Meow Wolf Denver Clerk

Denver Meow Wolf SalonDenver meow wolf art

In typical Moon fashion, every room we found with awesome lighting, he wanted a picture. Not to toot my own horn but lucky for him I'm actually a somewhat decent photographer.

Moonrock Denver Meow Wolf Skull RoomMoonrock Meow Wolf Denver Lighting RoomMoonrock sitting in front of Meow Wolf Denver ArtMoonrock Meow Wolf Denver Blue Lighting

We did manage to find another couple and agreed to take pictures of each other.

Moon and Seyge Meow Wolf Denver

Probably the coolest area of this location was the stained glass castle. Just trying to take in every individual piece of art that made up this amazing piece was the first step but once you get inside and discover that you can interact with it and change the orientation was even more amazing. Doing my best not to spoil it too much, it's a must-do if you're ever in the Denver area and well worth the time even if it's out of the way.

Seyge taking stairs to meow wolf denver castle

Meow Wolf Denver Stained Glass Castle

This will hopefully be the first blog of many to come so we can share our adventures with you.

All the love,